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Bad Ice Cream Games

Bad Ice Cream Games is a grate category created on 30 July 2017 on for these kids that are interested to play Bad Ice Cream Games. In this category you will find 3 free games for kids that are interested to play Bad Ice Cream Games, but if you can't find a special 2 player game in this category, please feel free to inform us and we will try to add this game for you as fast as we can. We hope that you know that you can rate these Bad Ice Cream Games any time you want, and in this way this game ategory obtained 10 votes and the average of votes is 100%. Don't forget that you are playing 2 player games on and try to help us with a share on youre friends.



Bad Ice Cream Games is a great category for kids, for all the players who want real challenges. In the Bad Ice Cream Games category you have the chance to hae a great time with your friends because these are all 2 players games. Try them all and I am sure you can complete your tasks successfully. Leave us a comment to tell us which was the best 2 payers games from Bad Ice Cream Games category. In a comment you can express your opinion about these games, you can tell us what new categories and games you want here on our site and so on many other things. Let us know which was the most difficult challenge that you have faced in these games and ask for help if you can not get over an obstacle. In the Bad Ice Cream Games category you need to focus all the time in order to complete your goal in each game. In these games your goal is pretty simple: to collect some fruits. You will chose at the beginning of the games if you will play alone or with a friend. If you want to play alone you have to chose the single player mode and if you want to play with a friend you have to chose the 2 players mode. After that you will see your heroes which are ice cream. You can chose what flavour to have your ice cream before you start the mission. After you chose you have to start with the first level. Here you will get indications but in higher levels you will be on your own so be careful if you want to learn all the rules successfully. In the bad ice cream games category you will obtain points according to the time so you need agility, is one of the best skills you will use here. A big score can make you famous in these games with bad ice cream so do your best to succeed. If you have a lot of points you can reach the podium where are only the best of the best. Let us know what do you think about Bad Ice Cream and if you want more challenges in this amazing category appeared in exclusivity here on our site. Do not give up even though you fail a level because if you try again I am sure you can make a better job. Let us know if you want to get some more games and we will do our best to surprise you. Obtaining a big score it is not very simple so do not hurry to underestimate the game`s difficulty. After you start the mission you will see at the bottom the list with the fruits that you have to collect to complete your goal. In the first level at the beginning you have to collect some coocnuts. Then you have to collect some bananas. At the top you can see your score. The score is different for the players. In the left you can see the score of the first player and in the right the score of the second player. Try to get more points than your friend if you want to win the competition. Be careful because in each level you will find enemies. If you are caught you will lose a life. If you lose them all the game is over. A g plus can help us promote this category for all the kids who love ice cream and aventures. As you progress in higher levels you have more challenges and you have to work harder to complete your goal every time. In this interesting category we are going to bring more and more challenges every week. You have to be persistent if you want to win the game. If you fail do not give up, try again and again and I am sure you can do better. If you work together I am sure you can make a great job and you will learn how to control the game. Bad Ice Cream games category is a place where I think you will be impresed by all the challenges that you will find here. With your friend you will have fun collecting fruits.