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Bullet Time Fighting

 Bullet Time Fighting

 Bullet Time Fighting is a great challenge for all the kids who love fighting games. In this exciting 2 players game appeared on our site you need to learn the rules and the controls if you want to know what you have to do to complete your goal and what buttons you have to use. In this exciting game appeared on our site you need the arrows to control the first player. You will use left and right arrows to move on the battlefield, you need up arrow to jump and down arrow to punch the opponent. You can use also a gun. To take out the gun from the pocket you have to press shift and to fire with the gun you need ctrl. You have just a few bullets so be careful how you use them. Try to damage the opponent as much as you can with the bullets. In this game the second player needs the numpads to control his fighter. He needs 4 and 6 to move, 8 to jump and 5 to punch the enemy. He will use 2 to take out the gun and 1 to fire with it. In this exciting game if you want to win the match you have to take your opponent`s life. It is not easy to defeat your opponent so you should train a little bit before you challenge a friend. It is pretty difficult to successfully complete your goal in this exciting game appeared on our site but i am sure if you work hard and you are careful you can make it. Leave us a comment to tell us what do you think about 2 players fighting games appeared on our site. Here you can play with friends and family members. This game is inspired from the Matrix movies, I am sure you will love it. At the top you can see your life in this 2 players fighting game. If you lose your life that means you have lost the match. You should challenge again your friend to prove him that you are better. You need training to learn special moves, to find the right strategy to defeat your opponent.


First player: use the 4, 6 to move, 8 to jump, five to hit, 2 to take out the gun and 1 to fire. Player two: use up arrow to jump, left and right arrows to move and down arrow to punch, use shift to take out the gun and ctrl to shoot



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