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TwinCat Warrior

TwinCat Warrior

Here we have for you a new surprise. You will meet the TwinCats and you will start a great quest with them. They are related to Fireboy and Wategirl and I am sure you will love them. One of them is red and the other one is blue, exactly like fireboy and watergirl. In this game you need help because it is a 2 players adventure game. To complete your goal with the TwinCats you have to reach safely the finish line in every level. In this game you need the arrows and w, a, s, d to move around with the heroes. The most important thing is to avoid the traps because they are everywhere. If you fall in a trap you will lose and you have to start that level again. This kind of thing does not have to make you lose your confident. Try to learn from the mistake that you have done in order to avoid it when you try again that level. Focus a little bit and I am sure you can do better. Don`t hurry to judge ths 2 payers game`s difficulty even though you may think that the first level is simple, because in higher levels you have more challenges that are waiting for you and it will be harder to accomplish your goal. The cats trust your skills that is why you should be more confident. Do your best not to let them down, to prove them that you are ready to help them in their mission. In this amazing game appeared on our site you need to work as a team if you want the chance to complete every level. A lot of obstacles are waiting for you in higher levels so you have to be ready for anything. Leave us a comment in the end to tell us if you had the chance to reach the top. If you want that chance you have to collect a lot of coins from the road. You will jump on your partner`s head sometimes in order to reach higher places. This means to cooperate in order to accomplish your goal. There are obstacles that can harm both players and obstacles than can harm only one of them. Be careful and try to avoid them all. Collect all the bonuses to have a chance to reach the podium.


use the arrows and w,a,s,d



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TwinCat Warrior is one of the 36 games added to Fireboy and Watergirl Games category, that we recommend you to play and then tell us your feedback through a comment in the dedicated section. The game TwinCat Warrior have been played 1120 times and this game have been added on on 28 July 2017, this game have been voted 1 times, and his rate is 100%. This game have been commented 0 times from players that have been played this game.