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Bandit Kings

Bandit Kings

Bandit Kings is a great challenge for kids all over the world, a game that is going to test your agility, attention and ability. In this game you need all of those skills in order to defeat the other king and take his kingdom. From the top you will see falling some bags with money and you should collect them in order to get more points. You need the keys k and l to control your king if you are the one from the right side of the screen and with j you will hit with the sword attacking the opponents. If you are the king from the left side you are going to use d, f to move and s to attack. in this exciting game you are going to fight until one player is dead. You have to keep attacking your opponent until he loses all his life. It is not simple at all to win a fight between kings but I am sure you can make a great job if you focus. Do your best to take the opponent`s kingdom in this exciting 2 players fighting game. At the beginning of the game you can chose if you are going to fight against the computer or against a friend. If you enjoyed our 2 players game with kings we will be grateful to you if you give us a simple like or maybe a g plus to help us promote this game and its category. Also you can leave us a comment to tell us what do you like about this game. Each king has on his side a castle. One is blue and one is red. At the top you can see also their lives. When one king is dead the game is over and the other king is declared the winner. Do not give up even when you are defeated. Challenge again your opponent and prove him that you are better than this and you can win the match. Try to establish a target score, for example five so the one who wins five times is the real winner in this fight against kings. Be fast and try to avoid the king`s hits if you want to protect yourself in this fighting game.


first player will use d,f to move and s to attack and the second player will use k,l to move and j to attack



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