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Color Warriors

Color Warriors

Color Warriors is an interesting game where you can play with up to two friends. One of the player is going to be with the blue character, the second one will be with the red one and the last one is going to be with the green one. In this game your goal is to follow the yellow line in order to reach the destination safely. On your path you will meet a lot of obstacles and you have to do your best to do that if you want to complete your mission with your friends. There are also some aliens that are going to attack you and you have to defeat them using the appropriate weapons that have the same color like the aliens because this is the only way to destroy them. You need the keys w, a, s, d to control the first character, the blue one. You need i,, h, j, k to control the second one and you need the arrows to control the green one. At the beginning you can chose if you will play alone, with a friend or with two friends. This 3 players game appeared on our site is going to test your cooperative spirit, your attention and bravery. I think the first level will look easier for you than the next ones in this 3 players game appeared on our site, because you will get indications from the computer, but you don`t have to hurry to judge because in higher levels you will be on your own and it will be more difficult. If you focus I am sure you can handle the challenges and complete your missions. Leave us a comment to tell us what do you think about this exciting game for girls and boys. try to read the indications at the beginning if you want to complete your goal successfully. Give us a like if you want to have more games like this one here on our site, the best games site in the country. Do not give up if you are destroyed by the aliens try again and I am sure you can do better with your friends.




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Color Warriors is one of the 100 games added to 3 Players Games category, that we recommend you to play and then tell us your feedback through a comment in the dedicated section. The game Color Warriors have been played 2919 times and this game have been added on on 29 September 2017, this game have been voted 4 times, and his rate is 100%. This game have been commented 0 times from players that have been played this game.