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Tanks is a game where you need to focus a lot to defeat all the opponents. You can chose at the beginning where you want to play against your friends.The terrain can be: mountains, forest, desert or random. If you chose random you will get one of the three terrains mentioned before. Next you have to chose the number of the players. It can be 2, 3, 4 or even 5. You can play with your friends or with your family members. This exciting game is not difficult to be played so I am sure you will understand the rules. In the right side you can read the controls in order to learn how to control your tank. You need left and right arrows to drive the tank, you need up and down arrow to control the barrel of the tank and with the space you will shoot. With q and w you can change your weapon and with page down and page up you can change the power of your gun. When you start the match you have to be careful what is written at the top. There you can see whose turn is. After you shoot you have to wait for your opponents to shoot once and then is again your turn. The last tank standing is going to be the winner. Do your best to avoid being hit and to survive as long as you can. Before you start you can chose a nickname and the color of your tank. At the top you can see your life when is your turn. You can see also what guns you have, the power with which you will fire and so n. If you are destroyed you have no choice but to wait for your friends to finish the war. The points are important in the game so do your best to earn as many as you can before the end of the game, if you want a chance to reach the top of the best players. If you have a good observation spirit and precision I am sure you can defeat the opponents. Your goal is to hit at least one tank every time when is your turn. If you miss you risk to be shot by the other army tanks. If you lose you do not have to give up. Try again to play with your friend and try to learn from your mistakes, this is your only chance to complete your goal successfully.


use the arrows to drive the tank and space to shoot


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