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Aliens Burning Zombies

Aliens Burning Zombies

Our new 2 player game is a challenge html5 game where you will have to meet two different aliens, the gray and the green alien and them space ship wich will help you to kill a lot of zombies. First we would like to inform you how you can play this game, so please try to read the page named HOW TO PLAY, to know exactly how to move, shoot, burn and drive the space ship. This game is created for two person, so you will have to play this game with you're friend, sister, brother or parent. As you can see it, you have to move in the right and the left side of the game, flying with this aircraft to destroy as much zombie as you can, because just in this way you can earn more points to became the best player. The zombies will run on the floor, and you will have to shoot with fire to kill them as fast as you can, don't forget to take a look at you're score and you're friend's score to be sure that you will win this battle, killing the most.


use the arrows to move and the SPACE & V key to shoot, to burn the zombies.



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