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Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7 is a great game that I am sure all the girls and the boys will enjoy because it has a lot of action, explosions and cute robots. In this game you can play alone or with a friend. Then you can chose your robot and you can personalize the battleground, the enemies, the bombs and so on many other things from the battle. You are going to have just a goal in this game: to destroy all the robots in order to remain the last robot standing. Before you start the fight you can chose how many rounds the game to have. When the rounds are over you will see which robot has the biggest score and it will be the winner. In this game you need the arrows to move and enter to place the bomb if you play alone against the computer. You can chose how many enemies you want to have: one, two or three. If you play in two, the second player needs w, a, s, d to move around with his robot and space to place the bomb. After you place a bomb you have to run because if you stay near the bomb when it explodes you will be destroyed and you will lose points. Each round is on time so try to eliminate the enemies as fast as you can as many times as you can if you want to get a big score in this game, to have the chance to win the battle. This is the seventh game Bomb It and it has a lot of new things, new robots and new fields. If you played the previous games I am sure this one will be your favorite. To express your appreciation for our team which brought you this new 2 players ability game you can give us a simple like. In this way we can promote it more for all the kids who would like it and we will feel appreciated for our work. If you lose a round you do not have to give up because you can recover your score in the next rounds. I am sure if you work hard you can become the best player in this exciting game.


first player will use the arrows to move and enter to place the bomb, the second player will use w,a,s,d to move and space to place the bomb



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