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Zombits 2

Zombits 2

Come dear kids and check out this Zombits 2 new game here on our site, as you can see you get to play against zombies but this isn't a scary game or something like that, this Zombits 2 is a zombie adventure game in which you get to play with two characters, that means you can invite your best friend to play with you and we are sure that together you are really going to have a fun time and that is the most important thing for us. So we hope you are going to be curious about this Zombits 2 action game in which you have to pay attention to the instructions and also have to pay attention to not get hurt because you are in the land of the zombies and you have to learn to fight against htem, there are a lot of advenutres waiting for you and we hope you will clearly have the best time ever here. Good luck!


player 1: arrow keys player 2: w,a,s,d



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