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Robo Twins

Robo Twins

Robo Twins is a new adventure game where with a friend you can start a great quest with two robots. You are going to use the arrows, both of the player. The one who want to be with the first robot has to use the right arrows to control the robot, to make it jump. If you press twice on the right arrow you will make a double jump. The second player will control the second robot and he needs left arrow to jump. In this game you have to do your best to reach the destination quickly with the robots. You are going to meet a lot of traps and obstacles in your way so be careful and do your best to reach the destination fast if you want a big score. Here you can get also some points if you collect bonuses from the road. In the game you are going to be a real robot team because if you are not you will not have the chance to reach the podium where are just the best of the best. If you fail a level you do not have to give up. You should try again and again until you complete your missions. I think the first level will look easier for you than the next ones, because you will get indications from the computer, but you don`t have to hurry to judge because in higher levels you will be on your own and it will be more difficult. If you get stuck in an obstacle you have to figure it out a way to escape. Try to avoid the enemies and the traps by jumping over them. You have to know when you need a simple jump and when you need a double jump. In this game is important to be fast and to focus all the time if you want to get over all the obstacles with the robots. They are twins so they are an amazing team. It is up to you if you can control them right. If you give up after the first attempt you will never be able to complete all the game. There are plenty of levels in this adventure game with robots that you can play.


use the left and right arrows



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