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Super Pocket Fighter Adventure

Super Pocket Fighter Adventure

Super Pocket Fighter Adventure is the most exciting fighting game appeared on our site where you need help from a friend. This time you will not fight against your friend, you will be a team. You are going to start a mission and you have to survive. You will be attacked from all directions by fighters and you have to defeat them. It is not simple at all to defeat them because they will come more and more. They will surround you and you have to work like a team to defeat them all. If you are hit you will lose some energy but you can recover it if you find the right bonuses. If you lose your energy you will lose a life. If one player loses all his lives the game is over for him. You have to wait until the other player wins the game or loses all his lives too, if you are the one who lost the lives first. In this game the first player will use w, a, s, d to control his fighter. With those keys he will move around in the field. If you destroy all the enemies from one place just in that moment you can advance. You can not move on until you have not destroyed the fighters that attacked you and your partner. In this game the first player will use u, i, o and l to attack. Above your fighter you can see what attacks you can make. You need a certain quantity of energy to make certain attacks. The second player will use the arrows to move with the fighter and 3, 4, 5, 6 to attack. I am sure if you communicate you can make a plan and you will destroy all the enemies and you will complete your missions. At the beginning is simple because there are not too many enemies but as you progress in higher levels things are getting pretty difficult. During the game you will receive some indications that have the purpose to help you complete your goal successfully. If you fail to complete the game try again. This time I am sure you will be ready to overtake all the obstacles and to defeat all the fighters.


First Player: use w,a,s,d to move and u,i,o,l to attack. Second player: use the arrows to move and 4,5,6,3 to attack



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