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Desert Adventure

Desert Adventure

Desert Adventure is a new challenge for you, all the girls and the boys who love Fireboy and Watergirl. this time the heroes are in the desert and they need help because they can not handle the challenges on their own. There are a lot of traps fro them in the desert and you have to work hard to help them get over all the obstacles and win the game. here you need the help of a friend because is a 2 players adventure game. In the dry land of the desert you have to avoid the traps because if one player falls in a trap the other one will lose too and you will be forced to start the adventure from the beginning. This should not make you give up. Try again but learn from your mistakes if you want to complete your goal sucessfully this time. You will use in this 2 players Fireboy and Watergirl game the arrows and w, a, s, d to control the heroes. Try to jump over the obstacles in order to avoid them in the desert. If you are the watergirl you have to avoid with any cost the fire and if you are the fireboy you have to stay away from the water. In this game is important to collect the diamonds because only if you collect them all you can move on to the next level. In the first place you will collect the gems from the desert and then you have to find the door to the next level. Is is not simple because you have to work a lot but I think you can handle the challenges from the desert if you do your best and if you work as a team. Let us know which was the most difficult level in this new 2 players adventure game appeared on our site. If you move on to the second level you should be more careful because there are new obstacles waiting for you. Try not to underestimate the game at least until you do not finish the whole game. In this game with Water and Fire you have to use the handles to open gates or to rise the paddles sometimes in order to help the other player get over an obstacles. Try to complete each mission fast to get a big score if you want a chance to reach the podium.


use the arrows and w,a,s,d to control the heroes


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